Cayuse Tips

Bookmarking the Cayuse 424 website

We know that, like us, many people on campus use bookmarks to be able to quickly navigate to their favorite sites. And, we’re sure that by now, Cayuse 424 is one of your favorite sites! But, a word of caution when bookmarking the Cayuse424 website:

Emory utilizes a single sign-on capability that navigates users through an Emory Login page to log into Cayuse. This allows all Emory users to log-in with their Emory ID and password rather than requiring Emory users to maintain a separate, Cayuse-specific log-in. However, if you attempt to bookmark Cayuse424 once you are within the Cayuse website itself, when you try to return to the site via your bookmark, you won’t be properly navigated to Cayuse through the Emory Login page. This will cause an error.

To ensure that you can properly navigate to Cayuse using your bookmark, bookmark only the URL Enter this address in your browser and bookmark the page before signing in to Cayuse.

If you have already bookmarked Cayuse using some other method, you may experience certain browser-related issues. If you need to correct your bookmark and require assistance, please contact your local desktop support. If you continue to have issues with a Cayuse log-in, please contact


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