EPEX Enhancement

Things to Know about the Latest EPEX Enhancements

Expected Release Date: 12/13/2012

There is now a countdown located to the right of where you enter the due date.

Proposal entered on 11/05/2012 with a Deadline Date of 11/09/2012 shows 4 days until Deadline:

If the due date is more than 60 days in the future or the past, you will receive a pop-up notifying you of this upon the first save and when you save and route.

The Yerkes question (#9) has been changed.  Please note that you should only mark “yes” to this question if Yerkes approval is needed, and no Yerkes based investigators have been listed on the Project Page.

Question 11 regarding ARRA Funding has been removed. It now is repurposed to track Third Party Materials.

The Certification statement has changed.

The Approval Inbox now has a column for Due Date.  This allows you to sort your Approval Inbox by Due Date.

The OSP Analyst Stage  now allows for OSP to place proposals “In Progress” with a certain Analyst.  Please be sure to check the workflow map to see who is currently working on your proposal by entering the proposal and clicking on the “Pending Approval” hyperlink.  Instead of showing “Multiple Approvers”, it will show “In Progress” and the Analyst’s name.

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