Getting Grants Access

Often times we receive questions regarding grant access for PI’s.  More specifically, “Do I need to route a PI Eligible Form for my PI to have grants access?

Grants access and PI eligibility are not automatically provided at the time that a faculty member’s Net ID is provided from the University.  This access must be requested, and EPEX training may be required.

If a faculty member is listed on the projects page in EPEX with a role that triggers workflow, but not showing on the workflow map, the individual will need Grants access to certify effort and work on the proposal.  No form is required to process these individuals.  Please send an email to, and be sure to provide the Proposal ID and the name of the person(s) who need to certify but do not have access.

If a faculty member is going to be a PI on a proposal and is listed on the first page of EPEX, the PI Eligible Form, located at, should be completed and routed to This form requires School Level approval and provides the individual with PI eligibility the access to create proposals in his or her name, to EPEX through Compass, and to Cayuse.
NOTE: Some of the colleges require non-faculty PIs (i.e. fellows or Post-Docs) complete the EPEX Training before submitting the PI Eligible Form for processing.


Kerrie Hawkins
Assistant Manager, DMG

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