Update on Uniform Guidance (including New Emory Proposal Guide), November 2014

As previously noted, NSF is the only agency that has provided guidance regarding their agency requirements.  NIH and the other federal agencies have stated that they will provide their guidance documents by December 26, 2014 (which is the date that the requirements will become effective).  We understand that many are working on proposals that will be awarded after that date.  In an effort to assist those preparing proposals in these upcoming weeks, we are providing a Uniform Guidance Proposal Guide which can be accessed at: http://staging.web.emory.edu/ogca/documents/ugep/ug_proposal_guide_11_25_14.pdf.  Please note that any additional questions regarding proposal preparation under these new regulations should be directed to your RAS Administrator (or directly to OSP, if you are not yet assigned to a RAS Unit). 

What is the current status of the Uniform Guidance, Emory Planning Working Groups?

These Working Groups are busy reviewing the issues for Emory created by the implementation of the new Uniform Guidance.  In early December, a summary document of the status of each area of concern will be made available on the Uniform Guidance links provided on both OGCA’s and OSP’s websites.  In the interim, the Proposal Guide referenced above does provide some guidance to some of the key changes.

These rules become effective on December 26, 2014.  How do we ensure that we are prepared for these changes?

Unfortunately, since we do not have the agency guidelines (and have been told to not expect them until December 26 or very near to then), we are unable to provide final guidance on these changes.   In the interim, we are preparing for these changes based upon what has been covered in the Uniform Guidance document.  When NIH and the other agencies release their guidance, we will carefully review their documents and evaluate if there are any changes required to what we have prepared.  Following that, we will be issuing final guidance for Emory.  We anticipate that the broad guidance will be provided in January.  As needed, we expect to provide some specific guidance earlier in January.

During late January and February, we expect to offer numerous presentations on Uniform Guidance.  These are anticipated to be provided at ERAZ, Faculty Meetings, Town Halls and other meetings offered throughout the University.  We are currently working on scheduling these.  We will also offer an online video and podcast so that those who are unable to attend a meeting will have access to the presentation.

Please keep in mind that while there are some important changes that we need to ensure that we are in compliance with, the changes are not hugely significant.  As previously communicated, through this newsletter, we will ensure that you provide the guidance you need as you need it.  Please ensure that you read our monthly articles.

Who can I contact regarding questions related to the new Uniform Guidance?

Questions can be directed to members of the Emory Working Groups, OSP, OGCA or directly to Kerry Peluso at kpeluso@emory.edu.

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