The Emory University Compliance Program Manual 2016

Emory’s Office of Compliance and the Internal Audit Division have collaborated to create the Emory University Compliance Program Manual.  Although the Office of Compliance and the Internal Audit Division are separate units with distinct operational charges, both units recognize that a strong compliance program demonstrates the commitment of the University and its employees not only to the laws that govern our activities, but also to the ethical principles at the core of the University as an institute of higher education, research, and health care.  The manual provides faculty and staff members with information about some of the major policies and regulatory requirements that govern employee activities and introduces employees to the strong ethical principles that form the basis for Emory’s mission and work.  It serves both as a useful overview for new employees, and a handy reference guide for current faculty and staff.  The manual can be accessed on the Office of Compliance website and is also available here.

For questions contact the Office of Compliance at 404.727.2398 or by email at

Office of Research Compliance

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