New Electronic Format for Relinquishment Submissions

Written by: Rashonda Harris

Office of Finance Grants & Contracts

Effective December 2016, NIH has changed the submission of relinquishments to an electronic format.  The new electronic format will limit revisions because the amounts being deobligated are moved much faster in this electronic format.

NIH relinquishments must be reconciled confirming the expenses posted to the GL and the amount to be transferred to the PI’s new Institution as of the date of the relinquishment to the new institution.  Once reconciled, the transferring PI must sign off on the relinquishment which serves as his/her acknowledgement of the amount being transferred to the new Institution.  Upon receiving the PI’s signature, the relinquishment can be sent to FGC via Salesforce for processing.  Once completed by FGC which should be done within 3 business days, your assigned FGC contact will send a copy of the relinquishment form back to the individual who submitted the case in Salesforce for reference.

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