COI Update- Fall 2018

We appreciate our faculty’s and researchers’ commitment to the principle of open and objective inquiry in the conduct of Emory’s research mission.   A variety of relationships between Emory researchers and industry complement our research and are essential for advancing discoveries for the benefit of our patients and community.  With recent events at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Memorial Sloan Kettering, we wish to remind faculty members and researchers to update their financial interest disclosures through the eCOI system.  By disclosing financial and fiduciary relationships, these interests can be reviewed and appropriately managed, as needed.  When the relationships include vendors of Emory, Emory Finance: Procurement division is available to assist researchers to ensure compliance with Emory’s financial policies.

For faculty members who are also clinical providers, it might be helpful to see the information that has been reported by the pharmaceutical and medical device industry on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Open Payments System.  If the information is incorrect, faculty may dispute the information through the Open Payments System.  Please remember that authors and presenters are also required to follow the journal’s or symposium’s policies on disclosure of financial interests.

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