eIRB Upgrade News (as of 12/23/19)

An important message from the Emory IRB with Glad Tidings of a Shorter Strategic Slowdown for the eIRB Upgrade! 

We are very happy to announce that our upcoming strategic submission slowdown, to prepare for the eIRB upgrade, has been reduced from an anticipated three weeks to less than one week! Thank you to Emory LITS, ORA-IT, and the vendor Huron, for finding new ways to shorten the transition, and to Dr. Robert Nobles for his support!

We will have more definite dates in the new year, but we wanted to share the good news right away. Stay tuned for more details about what this means for you, and/or check our webpage for updates. But for now, hopefully, it means less stress for your winter recess!

We also want to thank you for working so hard with us during this process and to wish you a great holiday season, full of fun and happiness.

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