Update to the Principal Investigator’s Guide to Environmental Health and Safety Policies

The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) has updated the Principal Investigator’s Guide to EHS Policies and Procedures and the current version is now on our website under Forms/Documents.

What is the Principal Investigator’s Guide to EHS Policies and Procedures?

This document outlines health and safety topics that all PIs should review with new members of their lab group as part of the onboarding process. It is also recommended that all lab members (new and existing) review this information, so everyone is aware of the expectations for being safe in the laboratory.

The last page of the guide provides space for individuals to sign once the information has been reviewed with them.

This document should be kept in the Lab Safety Binder for future reference.

What changes were made to the document?

Additional information regarding Hepatitis B vaccination and titer requirements were added under section 2.6 in accordance with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

As a reminder – Hepatitis B vaccination documentation, including (1) vaccine dose records and (2) antibody titer test result, must be sent to biosafe@emory.edu before working with human source materials. If either of these items are needed, individuals should visit Employee Health or Student Health Services.

Vaccination and/or antibody titer test declination requires the use of the Immunization Review and Declination Form available on our website (search “immunization” under Forms/Documents).


Contact EHSO or your EHSO Building Liaison if you have any questions.

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