Increase in Personnel Density for Research Laboratories

On November 30, personnel density for research laboratories will be increased from one person per 250 square feet per one person to one person per 150 square feet.  This increase in occupancy density continues to require the use of face coverings and maintaining a minimum distance of 6-feet between people.  This physical distancing requirement is not always feasible when conducting research.  Should work require that personnel work closer than 6-feet, additional personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a face shield, is required.  Please see Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) Guidance or contact EHSO for additional information.

The original maximum density requirement of 250 square foot per person was implemented to account for movement needed to conduct research within the requisite space.  Because of challenges in logistics and productivity, the original requirement was re-evaluated. It was determined that no known transmission of COVID-19 in the laboratory has occurred, therefore the personnel density per square foot will be increased.  In order to maintain this increase in density, workers must remain vigilant and continue to follow PPE and hygiene requirements.  Should circumstances change, density will revert to the original 250 square feet per person requirement.

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