Laundering Your Lab Coat

Lab coats are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) in the laboratory. They provide an additional layer of protection from chemicals, biological materials, isotopes, and flames. If exposed to one of these hazards, you can remove your lab coat, which has taken the brunt of the exposure, and rinse the affected area. Not only does a lab coat act as a barrier between your skin and potential hazards, it also protects your clothing, so your clothing is safe to wear outside of the laboratory.

Reminders About Your Lab Coat:

  • Lab coats should be one of the first PPE items put on after you enter the lab and wash your hands.
  • Lab coats must be removed before washing your hands and leaving the lab.
  • Lab coats should not be worn outside of the lab in spaces such as break rooms, cafeterias, or bathrooms.
  • Be sure to designate a specific area in the lab to store lab coats.
  • Lab coats should be fully buttoned with the sleeves covering your arms to the wrists (i.e. do not roll sleeves up past the wrist).
  • Lab coats must not be washed at home or brought to the dry cleaner. Use the Emory approved vendor for lab coat laundering.

How Do You Clean Your Lab Coat?

Emory provides a central laundry service for lab coat cleaning through UniFirst. UniFirst provides a rental program that includes regular pick-up and delivery. UniFirst accounts can be set-up and managed through Emory Express.

If you have questions for UniFirst about an order, please contact Emory’s dedicated sales representative, Derek Passmore at or 404-361-3700.


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