ORA Contract Leadership Announcement

The Emory Office of Research Administration (ORA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Janette Hannam Hayes as Interim Director of Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) as of April 1, 2021.  Janette has served OSP for over 23 years.  In that time, Ms. Hannam Hayes has provided leadership in various roles such as Senior Contract Administrator, Associate Director of Sponsored Programs, and Functional Team Lead for the GRANTS Module of the Emory Compass- PeopleSoft Implementation Project Team.  She will now serve ORA by providing leadership of the non-industry and industry contracting groups.  Janette welcomes this opportunity to operationalize the Huron recommendations to increase efficiencies and align roles and responsibilities for contract management across ORA.  Ms. Hannam Hayes stated, “I am so delighted at the opportunity to once again work so closely with both the industry and non-industry contract teams.  I look forward to an awesome transition and future with these colleagues who bring such knowledge and competency to our OSP contracts office.  Together we plan to build a robust and resilient contracts unit to provide exemplary service to campus!”

Holly Sommers, Assistant Vice President for Research Administration and Director of OSP, stated, “When the decision to transition the Industry Contracting Group back within OSP was being considered, Janette immediately came to mind as a natural fit for leading the group. She possesses a wealth of experience in sponsored research contracting and a track record of success with her current team, not to mention more than two decades of committed service to Emory and OSP. Both Janette and I look forward to working with the ICG team, who we know to be dedicated professionals, on this transition and into the future. We believe we have an excellent opportunity to align processes across our teams to provide a high-level, value-added service to our faculty in all areas of pre-award grants and contracts support.”

Dr. Katie Stores, Senior Director of Training and Operations, will continue to lead the Industry Contract Group (ICG) merger with OSP by collaborating with Ms. Sommers, Ms. Hannam Hayes, and the ICG team.  The merger is scheduled to launch mid-summer.  The team is focused on modeling a successful integration and during this transition, we ask for patience when working with the dedicated and knowledgeable employees of ICG.  They are committed to providing quality and timely service.

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