IACUC Office Updates- December 2021

Submission deadlines: December is a short month, please submit your renewals and updates early. The IACUC Committee meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the Month. Deadlines for FCR review are 4PM on the Wednesday one week PRIOR to the meeting date for the agenda to be disseminated to members. DMR reviews are rolling submissions and do not have a “deadline”.

The IACUC Office encourages investigators submitting new protocols, renewals, or amendments to contact your RPA to set up time for Q&A or review the submission.

Holiday time and your research activities: Laboratory animals must be observed by qualified personnel every day,  including weekends and holidays to ensure their health and well-being, as well as to promote sound research practices and is best accomplished by the combination of DAR and researcher personnel, the latter as dictated by the applicable IACUC protocol(s).  On-call veterinary support can be obtained, and cases can be reported to the veterinary staff by calling dispatch at 404-727-6111 and as posted as a reminder on the exit surfaces of animal research facility doors.

Semi-annual site inspections 2022 Reporting Period 1: December 1st was the beginning of the first reporting period for site inspections in 2022. In preparation for the site inspections, researchers will receive a notification email from the IACUC Office regarding the date, time, and the list of items to be submitted ahead of time for review.

New members in the IACUC Office: We welcome Jonathan Adams to the Research Integrity team. Jon has taken on the task of conducting the post-approval monitoring related to site inspection findings, non-compliances, and as requested by the IACUC.

We hope that everyone enjoys the holidays.

Emory IACUC Office

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