IACUC Updates- Policies, eIACUC Maintenance, and Protocol Compliance

The IACUC recently approved the updates to the following Policies

  1. Adoption Policy: This document establishes policy and provides procedures for adoption of research animals from Emory University
  2. MPTP Guidelines: These guidelines recognize the scientific value of the MPTP model of parkinsonism and attempt to address the practical problems associated with the use of this agent.


Are you sending communications to the IACUC Office?

If you receive an “out of office” message from members of the IACUC office, please forward your inquiry to iacuc@emory.edu.  We want to make sure that we don’t miss your important messages.


eIACUC Monthly Maintenance

The eIACUC will undergo two maintenance halts this month. The first one will be Saturday, 6/18/2022 between 6:30 pm  and 12:30 am. Please avoid working on submissions during this period to prevent potential data lost.


Tips for Maintaining Protocol Compliance

  1. Personnel:
    1. Add individuals who will be conducting procedures included in your protocol
    2. Confirm that individuals are assigned to the procedures they will be conducting and review any additional training or assessments that may be required (i.e. surgery assessment, cervical dislocation)
  2. Procedures:
    1. Include all procedures to be conducted in your protocol.
    2. Review new experiments with your research team to ensure that everyone understands the requirements for providing analgesia, anesthesia and monitoring (pre-post, and after the procedure).
    3. Any changes to the experimental design needs to be reflected in the protocol via an approved amendment before the changes are implemented.


The IACUC Office

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