IACUC Updates – December 2022

  1. EU DAR Communication #1 regarding how to prepare for the 2023 AAALACI Site Visit for Emory’s re-accreditation. It is not to early to start preparing your lab!
  2. NEW TOOL FOR RESEARCHERSTemplate for using flowmeters during CO2 Euthanasia – This is a tool to generate the SOP for using Flowmeters for Mouse and Rat CO2 Euthanasia in the lab space. Other tools for researchers can be found here
  3. October Newsletter, it can be found here
  4. The IACUC Office welcomed two research protocol analysts into the Operations team. Surinder “Sohni” Gill and Vidal Leon bring their experience at the bench to the IACUC Office. Please send any inquiries to iacuc@emory.edu.

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