Grants Management System SharePoint Site Updates

Grants Management System Modernization Project

As you may know, efforts have been underway for over a year now to find a robust grant management system that will provide ease and insight for the pre and post aspects of the grant management process. We hope that you are just as excited as we are to find the best system for Emory. The project team is very excited to open the Sharepoint site to the Emory family! Please visit and share with your colleagues across campus.

GMS SharePoint site:

There are currently three sections, but new tabs will be added as information becomes available. We are planning to provide more information about trainings for the new system, change management communications will be available on the site, and key contacts to help address your questions.

  • Home tab: Answers to Who, Why, and How of this project
  • Grants Mgt Information: Overview of the project and project goals
  • Vendor Presentations: Video recordings of each demo along with time stamps for each section, additional documentation, and links to the surveys

In depth demos for the two finalist vendors are now available on the site for anyone to view.

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