PI Financial Portal: Helpful Links

Author: Tricia Callahan, Associate Director, Research Training (SOT)

The PI Financial Portal is a dashboard that allows faculty to access sponsored and non-sponsored account data. The dashboard is intended to provide an ‘online bank account’ view of a faculty member’s current balances based on expenses that have already occurred. A few highlights of the PI Financial Portal include:

  • Access to both project and award financials
  • Ability to drill into detailed expense transactions
  • Reports are downloadable to Excel
  • Customizable dashboard

You can read more about the PI Financial Portal features and access a job aid at: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/ranews/2023/02/19/pi-financial-portal/

Access Dashboards and Reports, including the PI Financial Portal at: https://finance.emory.edu/home/analytics-reporting/dashboards-reports.html  [You must log in to Emory Business Intelligence (EBI)] at the top left to access the portal].

Alternatively, log in to EBI directly at: https://ebi.emory.edu/index.html

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