EHSO Information Technology Upgrade

Author: Scott Thomaston, AVP, EHSO

As part of the ORA Information Technology modernization initiative, the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) continues to refine and consolidate data management systems to eliminate redundancy, decrease inaccuracies and better inform critical decisions. A significant step in this process is the expanded use of the Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) database.  EHSO began using EHSA over two decades ago with the primary function of managing the radiation safety program. EHSO is integrating many of our customer facing programs into EHSA including management of Hazardous Waste (waste collection requests), the Laser Safety program, Respiratory Fit Test program, Training management including web-based courses and online registration. All EHSO inspection processes have been transitioned to EHSA including radiation safety, research safety and broader environmental health and safety programs. We have also integrated the Asbestos Management Program as well as Accident Investigation into EHSA. This initiative reduces the number of software platforms required while using more efficient and robust programs.

Integration work continues for EHSA and as more modules are implemented for various campus units. EHSO continues to use SciShield (formerly BioRaft) for biological and chemical protocols with no plans in the foreseeable future to discontinue use of this specialty software.

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