ORCiD IDs @ Emory

ORCID iDs–or Open Researcher and Contributor Identifiers–are unique identifiers that you can use to ensure you are always correctly associated with and connected to your academic work. The iDs help Emory staff, funders, publishers, scholarly societies, and other researchers quickly find and distinguish your work from materials created by other researchers with similar names. ORCID iDs are being used increasingly by publishers such as the Royal Society, PLOS, the American Geophysical Union, BMJ, Wiley, and dozens more. 

ORCID iDs are already required for all NSF, NIH, AHRQ, and CDC grant submissions, and all other federal agencies are expected to follow suit in the near future as called out in the August 22, 2022 White House Office of Science & Technology Policy Public Access Policy memo stating that no later than by the end of 2025 all federal funders will require grantees to obtain a unique digital persistent identifier (DPI) that meets the standards of a digital persistent identifier as defined in the  NSPM-33 Implementation Guidance—which ORCID iDs do. 

Benefits of ORCID include: 

  • Differentiate yourself from other researchers with the same or similar names 
  • Collect works published under different versions of your name 
  • Provide your ORCID iD to funders and publishers when required, and to colleagues who wish to view your works 
  • Create an online research CV 
  • ORCID iDs are increasingly being used by publishers, funders and other organizations to confirm identity and improve their workflows. 

To get started with ORCID, follow these three steps: 

  1. Get an ORCID iD for free: Navigate to https://orcid.emory.edu/ and click on “Create and Connect an ORCID iD” to register for an iD and connect it to Emory. 
  1. Add your scholarly works: Once you’ve created your ORCID iD, you can add works to your record, set up automatic updates, or delegate management of your account to someone else. 
  1. Use your ORCID iD: Include your ORCID iD on your webpage, when you submit publications, on grant applications, and in other research workflows to ensure that you get credit for your work. 

IMPORTANT! When registering, make sure to click on “EVERYONE” in the “Visibility Settings” portion of the form. Doing so will make your research more visible and discoverable, and you will reap all the benefits of having an ORCID iD. Note: your email address(es) are always kept private.

For more information: 

ORCID.org Support 

ORCID at Emory 


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