The New Research Administration Operations RACI: A Guide for Enhanced Collaboration Between Central and Non-Central Research Administration

By Lisa Wilson, Interim Assistant Vice President, ORAO

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of clarity and efficiency in research administration, ORA is proud to introduce the Research Administration Operations RACI: A Governance Framework for Central and Non-Central Research Administration. This strategic approach streamlines operations and enhances communication across our diverse research community.

RACI, an acronym for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, offers a clear matrix for delineating roles and responsibilities in complex projects and processes. The RACI results from a collaborative effort to optimize our workflow and foster a culture of clarity and accountability across central and non-central research administration at Emory. It is tailored to support our unique environment, ensuring every team member is aligned and engaged with their specific roles and responsibilities for superior performance and outcomes. This approach results in more effective decision-making, better strategic planning, increased customer service, and streamlined operations. The goal is to optimize administrative processes and foster a more collective and transparent environment. It is about harnessing our community’s expertise and insights to drive our research endeavors.

I encourage each of you to look for RACI presentation in the March edition of the Research Administration newsletter. It will offer detailed insights into how the framework will be applied in our daily operations and long-term strategic planning. Together, we can leverage this tool to achieve greater alignment and efficiency in our work, enhancing the impact of our research initiatives.

Thank you for your continued dedication and collaboration as we embark on this journey of organizational excellence.

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