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EHSO Website Updates: Research Safety and Radiation Safety Documents

The following documents were updated recently on the EHSO website: Research Safety documents: Registration Form for Minors Participating in Activities in Research Laboratories Lab Signage Requirements Form Lab Self-Inspection now includes the Corrective Action Plan Radiation Safety documents: Guideline for Radiation Safety Committee Review of Human Research Studies

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Summer Clothing and Lab Safety

The weather is warming up, and while shorts and sandals are great if you are spending time outside, it is important to be properly dressed when working in a laboratory to reduce injuries if an accident occurs. Along with proper attire, remember to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to your laboratory’s PPE Assessment Form. […]

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Extension and Power Strip/Surge Protector Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that each year, about 4,000 injuries associated with extension cords and power strips/surge protectors are treated in hospital emergency rooms. About half the injuries involve fractures, lacerations, contusions, or sprains from people tripping over cords. The most common causes of fires from extension cords, power strips, or […]

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Protecting Vacuum Systems from Contamination

Aspiration of media into a collection flask under vacuum is one of the most commonly performed laboratory procedures. It is important to protect the house vacuum from liquids and aerosols that might contaminate the system. Use a hydrophobic filter and in-line disinfectant flasks to protect your vacuum system from potential contamination. Effective decontamination and house […]

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Heads Up! EHSO is Transitioning Training Modules to BioRAFT

The following training modules can now be completed in BioRAFT: EHSO – Research Lab safety – ANNUAL EHSO – BBP for researchers – ANNUAL EHSO – Biosafety – EVERY THREE YEARS Log into BioRAFT: Go to Course Directory If you have completed your training in ELMS and your training is current, you do not […]

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Breathe Easy!

At the Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHSO), we believe your workplace should be a place of comfort that offers adequate indoor air quality and is free of health hazards. If you have concerns about the indoor air quality within your space, proper ventilation, or odor concerns… EHSO can help you!  Do you see mold?  Mold can be a […]

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BioRAFT Chemical Registration – Identifying Highly Hazardous Chemicals Used in the Laboratory

Completing your Chemical Registration is the final step in BioRAFT for all laboratories using highly hazardous chemicals. If your lab has Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC), you need to complete the HHC Survey and update personnel handling these chemicals in your laboratory. A special feature of the BioRAFT platform is the option of having a chemical […]

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The 3 C’s of Chemical Waste Management

April is Environmental Month. The EHSO Environmental Compliance Group assists Emory University investigators in compliancing with applicable United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) regulations. These regulations were developed to protect our natural resources. EHSO provides guidance on chemical waste disposal to ensure that our natural resources are protected and that Emory maintains regulatory compliance. […]

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EHSO Website Updates

The EHSO Research Safety Group has updated the web documents below: Guidelines for registration of biological materials: How to complete your 2018 annual updates in BioRAFT: How to submit Chemical in Animals form in BioRAFT: IBC Charter and SOP: RHSC Charter and SOP: Guidelines for review of clinical […]

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Chemical Safety for Rodent Users Refresher Training

This interactive Online refresher course is required for all personnel using chemicals in animals classified as Level 3 agents as indicated in the Hazard Assessment accompanying the Chemicals in Animals Approval Letter. Individuals taking this course would have completed a classroom training more than 3 years ago. The online refresher provides a brief overview of […]

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