Meet the Crew!

Meet our Crew!

We want to introduce the crew of your ship.  The characters below can all be hired to sail with Jason at various ports.  We also want to thank the Kennesaw State University illustration students for these crew illustrations.  See the illustrations in the alpha release of the game!

Creative Commons License

All crew illustrations are Copyright Emory University – Samothracian Networks, 2017, some rights reserved.

Hylas, Admetus, Eurytion, Telamon, Antipatros son of Iatrokleios, Aitolian Warrior, and Seleucid Sailor by Julee Davis.

Canthus, Erginus, Herokles, Peleus, Polyphemus, Spartan Warrior, and Zollos by Paola Paniagua.

Periclymenus, Rhodian Sailor, Theodotos son of Badromios, Tiphys, and Eurydamas by Ren Nesper.

Orpheus, Asterion, Iphitus, Kallipos son of Eukleidos, Diodotos son of Zenon, and Macedonian Warrior by Jason Volk.

Ancaeus, Polydeuces/Castor, Butes, Palemonius, Nikomedes son of Diodoros, Theokles son of Nymphodoros, and Phoenician sailor by Brooke Barrett.

Aethalides, Egyptian Sailor, Eukleides son of Antigonos, Idas, Idmon, and Lysias son of Lysias by Eloisa Gallegos.

Ancaeus, Billaros son of Hermios, Etruscan Warrior, Iphiclus, and Theodoros son of Pilodoxos by Erica Sause.


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