Sailing with the Gods: Beta 5.4! Head to the Tavern for Conversation and Song!

We have just released the newest version, Beta 5.4, of the Sailing with the Gods game!

We are excited to announce that this new build has work developed through our partnership with Kennesaw State University. This build includes mini-games developed by students Mylo Gonzalez and Matt Mitchell that empower you as the player to visit the taverna, the Greek tavern, when you get to port!

Inside the Tavern - main menu

Welcome to the tavern, you can visit with locals or play Greek musical games from here!

Be warned, though, as you get to port, the local tax man, Telones, will expect you to pay for the right to dock and access the services of the port! Thanks to our User Interface and Game Designer, Kylie Gilde, for the development of this interaction.

Chatting wtih the tax man at port

Discussing port taxes as you enter Pagasae.

Once you enter the taverna, through Mylo Gonzalez’s game you can chat with a local Greek, asking questions about cities that you may want to visit, learning about risks of pirates, discovering ancient myths, and of course discovering the food! In the same taverna you can instead choose to participate in a game of ancient song, testing your musical and pattern matching skills. As you play, you will uncover real ancient song lyrics. Matt Mitchell created this version of the song game, which will be expanded even more in future builds. Listen to ancient Greek musical impressions by a Greek scholar while you play to absorb the ancient musical atmosphere! Special thanks to Dr. John Franklin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at the University of Vermont, for providing recordings. You can find more of this music on Soundcloud.

Play the game:

You can download it under Beta Version on the Play the Game page, and feel free to leave comments on that page through our feedback form.

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