Rubicon in the Press

Text Mining “Rubicon”

Rubicon was the state’s first and largest drug treatment center and offered a plethora of treatment options including methadone maintenance. ¬†After gathering all the mentions of “Rubicon” available in four newspaper across the state, the year 1973 seems to bear relevance in the rehabilitation sector as well.

Va drugs in motion

Articles about “Rubicon” in Newspaper CorpusWords that indicate ties with the justice system 1971-1974

wordfrequenciesUsing R I selected a few words that indicate Rubicon’s ties to the justice system. Over 66% of Rubicon’s clients were filtered through the justice system. As Indicated below words that exemplify this connection peaked in 1973, right when arrest numbers dropped across the state. Equally notable however is the sharp drop in 1974, which coincided with an increase in arrest numbers from 1973 to 1974. Rubicon either reached capacity or state drug control directives changed. As can be seen words like “probation” were not used continually over time and “convicted” and “sentence” drop out of favor too. This is probably due to a lack of space available at Rubicon after 1973.

rublineSentiment Analysis of articles about Rubicon in three Virginia newspapers
sent-plotWord cluster of mentions of “police” within the Rubicon corpus. The city of Petersburg is heavily represented.


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