Largest room for Biology classes better accommodates classroom interaction

Dr. Kathy Campbell, BIO 141, Summer 2023. Credit: Jason Crawley

The building that houses many of Biology’s classes, formerly known as The Dental School (which closed in 1990), has been renamed the 1462 Building. The largest classroom, Room 230, was renovated in 2022. The floor was leveled from an auditorium to a flat room. Walls were removed from adjoining rooms to expand the space. A new interactive audio-visual system was added. The room got a lift with new carpet, furniture and paint, and outlets were added for the students’ laptops.

Dr. Kathy Campbell: “Working in small groups is so easy and much more conducive to communication and sharing. Students in every other row simply swivel their chairs and each table then becomes a desk for the four students to work together around. Group work has been much more productive since the renovation.”

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