Students get to know Biology faculty outside of class with informal small lunch groups

Dr. Anita Devineni with students

Lunch ‘n Learn is a new community building tradition initiated by The Biology Majors at Emory
(BioME) student organization under the student leadership of recent Class of 2023 graduates Ali Ebada, Tara Balu, and Zee Kwong and rising seniors Jack Lin and Anna Cho. The lunches are informal, bringing together 1-2 biology faculty with a small group of 5-10 students. The learnings are personal, giving students and faculty an opportunity to share goals, stories, and wisdoms. Funding for lunches is generously provided by the Biology Department and continues to be a sign of Biology’s commitment to create connection among our majors and faculty. BioME thanks all the faculty and staff who have helped host a Lunch ‘n Learn and will continue to grow this and other initiatives to strengthen and deepen ties in our biology community.

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