Richard Lee awarded The Biology Research Award in honor of Dr. Pat Marsteller

Dr. Jennifer Spangle, Richard Lee, Dr. Anita Corbett. Credit: Malia Escobar

The Biology Research Award in honor of Dr. Pat Marsteller recognizes Biology majors who have
excelled in research during their Emory careers. This year’s award went to Richard Lee 23C. As a
member of Dr. Jennifer Spangle’s Lab in Radiation Oncology, Richard has been conducting
experiments to elucidate the role of PI3K signaling in breast cancer epigenetic regulation. This work has enabled him to present at multiple conferences throughout his undergraduate career, including the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). He also contributed to a team project in the lab of Dr. Anita Corbett. For the project with the Corbett lab, Richard worked independently
generating PYMOL images that were included in two manuscripts – one published and one in preparation.

Richard is now continuing his work full-time in the Spangle Lab while applying to
medical school. Outside of research, he plans on working part-time as an
Advanced EMT in Atlanta and volunteering at safety net clinics to serve patients
in under-resourced communities.

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