Benjamin Brewer

PhD Candidate

Fourth year in PhD; currently on exchange fellowship at Freie Universität, Berlin until August 2019.


MA, Philosophy, University of Oregon, 2015
BA, Philosophy and English Literature, Pacific University, 2013

Research Interests

19th and 20th century European thought (Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin,  Bataille), philosophy and literature, medieval christian and Islamic thought, philosophy of memory, deconstruction, philosophy of religion (esp mysticism)

Recent Publications

“Distracted Images: Zerstreuung, Ablenkung, Konstellation.” Thinking in Constellations: Walter Benjamin in the Humanities. Edited by Nassima Sahraoui and Caroline Sauter. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. 145-159.

Recent Presentations

  • “The Power of a Proper Self: Derrida’s Unpublished Remarks on the Beiträge,” With Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús. The Fifty-Second Meeting of the Heidegger Circle. May 4th, 2018. Baltimore, Maryland.
  • “The Thin Veil: Reason, Revelation, and Esoteric Translation in Ibn Tufayl.” The Fourth Annual Meeting of the History of Philosophy Society. April 13th, 2018. San Antonio, Texas.
  • “Hospitality, Sovereignty, Poetry: Heidegger and the Ethics of Reading in the »Andenken« Seminar.” Heidegger, Ethical Life, Dwelling. October 28, 2017. London, Ontario.
  • “‘The Unity Which is Indivisibly Present in Each Thing:’ Schelling, Construction, and the Absolute.” The Fifth Meeting of the North American Schelling Society (NASS 5). February 23, 2017. Ciudad de México, Estados Unidos de México.

Teaching Experience

Courses Taught:

  • Philosophy of Religion: Revelation and Reason, Emory University, Spring 2018
  • Introduction to Ethics: the Good and the Just, Emory University, Fall 2017
  • Renaissance and Modern Philosophy, co-taught with Professor Huseyinzadegan, Emory University, Spring 2017

Teaching Assistant:

  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Emory University, Fall 2016
  • Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Oregon, Winter 2015
  • Classics, University of Oregon, Fall 2014
  • First Year Seminar: Biopolitics, Pacific University, Fall 2013
  • First Year Seminar: Ethics in Society, Pacific University, Fall 2010