Fall 2018

September 2018
September 7th – Daniel Westbrook, “Toward Alternative Styles to Doing Black Male Sexuality in Contemporary R&B Music”

 September 14th – Sara Saba, “PTSD and the Limits of Knowing Oneself”
 September 21st – Andrea Warmack, “Home: A Phenomenological Account of Homing as a Practice of Self Love”

September 28th – Kyle Tanaka, Presentation on Library Research & Resources
October 2018
October 5th – Omar Quinoñez, “Worlds Built, Worlds Lost: Some Social and Political Lessons from Hegel’s ‘Absolute Idea'”

October 12th – Tamsin Kimoto, “The Political Life of Gossip”

October 19th – Shouta Brown, “Ordering Odors: The Olfactory Dimension of Gastronomic Racism”

October 26th – Tiara Jackson, “Identifications and Displacement:
Locating the /Ou in Uda Benyamina’s Divines
November 2018
November 2nd – Rylie Johnson, “The Banality of White Supremacy: A Phenomenology of White Supremacy and Whiteness”

November 9th – Daniel Westbrook, “From Whom Much Has Been Received, Much is Required: Thinking Alain Locke’s Ethnic Philosophy of Racial Community Toward a Conception of Racial Responsibility”

November 16th – Taina Figueroa, “New Boricua Consciousness: Hurricane Maria and Possible Puerto Rican Futures”

November 30th – Andrea Dionne Warmack, “Flamboyantly Living the Fuck You: Towards Shamelessness as a Virtue”


December 7th – TBD