Fall 2017


August 2017
Aug. 25 – Courtney Rawlings, “Caricature in the Carracci Academy: Experiments at the Limits of Recognition”
September 2017
Sep. 1 – Carlos Zorrilla, “Transumption in Nicholas of Cusa’s Decentered Cosmology”
Sep. 8 – Jordan Daniels, “The Productive Imagination in Kant and Fichte”
Sep. 15 – Andrea Warmack & Emily Bingeman, “Canon Fodder: Exploring the Challenges of Decolonization and Canon Reform”
Sep. 22 – Ben Brewer, “Sovereignty, Hospitality, Poetry: Heidegger and the Ethics of Reading”
Sep. 29 – Riley Johnson, “‘What Are You?’ Towards and Ethical Retrieval of Trans Subjectivity”
October 2017
Oct. 13 – Margaret Matthews, “The Same Enterprise but Opposite Goals: Montaigne and Rousseau on Self-Interpretation and Personal Identity”
Oct 27 – Tamsin Kimoto, “Skin in the Game”
November 2017
Nov. 10 – Shouta Brown, “Who Are the Joke Police? The Role of Permissibility in the Politics of Humor”
Nov. 17 – Catherine Fullarton, “Living with Ghosts: Being Haunted as a Structure of Experience”
December 2017
Dec. 1 – Kit Slover, “What’s Rotten in the State of Denmark: The Grave of Ophelia and Fichte’s Fractured Consciousness in Hamlet and the Wissenschaftslehre