Fall 2020

August 2020

August 21st – Margaret Matthews, “Skepticism and the Freedom of Conscience: Montaigne’s Contributions to Religious Toleration”

September 2020

September 4th – Ana Vieyra  Ramirez,  “Kant’s  Transcendental  Distinction:  Epistemic  and  Metaphysical  Interpretations  and  the  Consistency  of  Nature”

September 18th – Bernardo Andrade, “Freedom and Praxis in Plotinus’s Ennead VI.8”

October 2020
October 2nd – Jayla Stevenson, “Black Woman Geographies”


October 16th – Bradford Gladstone, “Language, World Creation, and Exclusion in Fanon and Anzaldua”

November 2020
November 6th – Andrea Warmack, “Feelin Tomorrow Like I Feel Today: Toward Afroskepticism”


November 13th – Rylie Johnson, “Heidegger and the Crisis of Historicism”