Fall 2011

The Friday Philosophy Forum (FPF) is a weekly opportunity for graduate students in the Emory Department of Philosophy to share current research and paper drafts for the purpose of provoking dialogue and eliciting feedback that might strengthen works intended for future presentation and/or publication.

All are welcome to attend.

Date Presenter Name Presentation Title
08/27 David M. Pena-Guzman “The Greek Political Animal: Diogenes as a Critic of Aristotle”
09/02 Karen McCarthy “The Act of the Unknown Tank Man”
09/09 Katharine Schweitzer “Negotiating the Requirements of Rectificatory Justice under the Framework of Political Liberalism”
09/16 Matthew Homan “Leibniz’s Appropriation of Spinoza’s Concept of Expression”
09/23 Jacob Rump “Wittgenstein’s Turn to Phenomenology: The Color Incompatibility Problem as Transcendental Clue”
09/30 Joseph Diaz “Some Remarks on Schmitt, Marcuse, and Political Theology”
10/07 Joel Reynolds “The Handhold of the Hammer: Bodying Dasein in the Workshop of Being and Time”
10/14 Zachary Hamm “Descartes’ Natural Geometry”
10/21 Timothy D. Harfield “In the Shadows: A Provocative Reading of Original Sin”
10/28 Lauren Caryer “The world beyond humanism: a discussion of sustainability’s challenge to philosophy”
11/04 Mark Fagiano “Jamesian Relationalism and the Activity of Racialization”
11/11 Jared Millson “The Interrogative Context of Action”
11/18 – CANCELLED –
12/02 Becca Longtin Hansen “Beyond Reflection: Tragedy, Pessimism, and Infinite Resignation in Nietzsche and Kierkegaard”