2009 Conference

Conference 2009 | Call For Papers

Philosophy, Politics, and the Ethics of Resistance

2009 Conference of the Graduate Philosophy Society at Emory
Emory University, March 20th – 21st, 2009
Conference Keynote: Simon Critchley, New School for Social Research
…an experience of disappointment is acutely tangible at the present time, with the corrosion of established political structures and an unending war on terror where the moods of Western populations are controlled through a politics of fear managed by the constant threat of external attack …this situation is far from novel and might be said to be definitional of politics from antiquity to early and considerably later modernity. My point is that if the present time is defined by a state of war, then this experience of political disappointment provokes the question of justice: what might justice be in a violently unjust world? It is this question that provokes the need for an ethics or what others might call normative principles that might enable us to face and face down the present political situation.

-Simon Critchley, from Infinitely Demanding