August 2014 archive

UDL, Accessibility, and Coming to terms with kites

UDL has an intensely personal dimension for me.  I have a disabled adult daughter who lives with the double whammy of paraplegia and a cognitive/social disability.  Let us consider wheelchair accessibility as an example of how the rigorous application of UD makes a difference. When Karen was 11, we lived in a small town in …

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OERs; and So long and thanks for all the fish… (Is that copyrighted?)

Friends, I’m hustling to get my last bits done before heading off to Kenya for two weeks.  I leave on Thursday, and I’m not close to being ready.  So, this will piece won’t exhibit my usual flare for overly-dramatic and/or insanely hilarious posting. Briefly: I have been aware of Open Educational Resources through my teaching …

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