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OERs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I posted in diigo (inadvertently jumping the gun) about how much I really liked MERLOT. I’ve used this site for years but never really, truly understood the significance and value of this resource until we started examining and discussing this kind of content in M8. I think it’s still my most favorite, and I find …

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OERs, Open Access, Open Sesame

I had heard about OERs before this module. I learned of Creative Commons (CC) several years ago and have been using CC images and videos in my online research guides (example) — though not using the proper attribution, I’ve learned. In addition, I sit in close proximity to the Scholarly Communications Office folks here in …

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OERs are a great sources of images!

I am somewhat familiar with OER’s. The main way I have found them very helpful is for incorporating images into my classes. I often will use images—sometimes just to provide color, but more often as a way of helping students to see the varieties of ways a text can be interpreted. Artists make decisions about …

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