M5 Activity: Assessment Strategies

I plan to conduct an assessment every Friday.  The assessment will contain three parts: the first part will be asking students for feedback on pedagogical strategies for that week.  That is, students will be assessing how well the different online asynchronous and synchronous activities worked for them.  The second part of the assessment will be a formative assessment tool so that I can gauge how well they have mastered the material and achieved the weekly goals.  In the third part, I will ask the students to do a brief formative self-assessment.  I want them to reflect on how much work that put into the course that week and how well they think that they have met the course goals.  I also want them to identify any difficulties that they have encountered. My main concern about constructing these assessments is that the students might get grumpy if they are too long.  I guess I’ll have to include a question on the assessment tool for this (“How grumpy does this assessment make you?  Very grumpy…Somewhat grumpy….Not grumpy; positively giddy…”)

I plan to create and post rubrics to assess their class assignments and activities.   My strengths lie in creating rubrics and assessment tools that engage concrete technologies and tasks.  I see opportunities for improvement in creating rubrics and assessment tools for the more complex/abstract cognitive tasks that I want the students to develop.

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