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The Pleasures and Perils of Online Instruction: Module 2 Blog Post

Teaching in an online environment will allow me to stay current with the change in education, and compel me to adopt a more learner-centered pedagogy.  The online course is also affording me the opportunity to develop materials for a more learner-centered pedagogy using state-of-the-art tools.  This will benefit my in-classroom teaching as well. I anticipate …

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Self-directed Heutagogical Learning

I loved the article on self-directed heutagogical learning. I feel like my online course has found a home. It of course will be a challenge. The concept is still so new and unknown that my computer is telling me it is misspelled. In my course, I am seeking to develop self-motivated ministers to do acts …

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Optional M1 Reflection Post

Feel free to respond to any/all of these question prompts: How are you feeling about EFOT in general? How did the video tutorials reinforce the M1 activities?  What did you think about Zaption, the interactive video software? How was using VoiceThread to begin to connect with one another? What are your thoughts about using VoiceThread …

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