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Introducing the Fabulous OERs!

What a great learning module! As a teacher of Academic Writing to international students, we push, pull, struggle, cajole, train, scare, practice, practice, practice how to incorporate outside sources without plagiarizing…. But this new-found knowledge of OERs creates a new dimension to the training of using sources! I had heard of Creative Commons, but I …

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OERs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I posted in diigo (inadvertently jumping the gun) about how much I really liked MERLOT. I’ve used this site for years but never really, truly understood the significance and value of this resource until we started examining and discussing this kind of content in M8. I think it’s still my most favorite, and I find …

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OERs; and So long and thanks for all the fish… (Is that copyrighted?)

Friends, I’m hustling to get my last bits done before heading off to Kenya for two weeks.  I leave on Thursday, and I’m not close to being ready.  So, this will piece won’t exhibit my usual flare for overly-dramatic and/or insanely hilarious posting. Briefly: I have been aware of Open Educational Resources through my teaching …

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