OERs; and So long and thanks for all the fish… (Is that copyrighted?)

Friends, I’m hustling to get my last bits done before heading off to Kenya for two weeks.  I leave on Thursday, and I’m not close to being ready.  So, this will piece won’t exhibit my usual flare for overly-dramatic and/or insanely hilarious posting.

Briefly: I have been aware of Open Educational Resources through my teaching of worship at Candler.  An OER I use often is the website for the Worship Resources area of the United Methodists’ General Board of Discipleship:  http://www.gbod.org/worship.  This site has numerous resources for the practice of worship, as well as for teaching worship in seminaries.

OERs are a terrific opportunity for acquiring diverse teaching tools:  video material, charts, lecture notes, art and graphics.

Maintain clear lines for copyright can be a challenge, of course.  It is vitally important for teachers to model appropriate use of copyright in, for example, material posted on PowerPoint slides that is also posted on a Blackboard site.

If I have questions, I talk to our library staff.  They have been helpful.

That’s all for now.



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