New Emory Cost Transfer Policy

The new Cost Transfer policy became effective January 1, 2009. Many requirements for cost transfers have not changed. in order for the transfer to occur, it must be a proper and allowable charge to the receiving account. the cost must benefit the project/program/award and be otherwise allowable under University policies, sponsor policies and the terms of sponsored agreement. expenditures may not be placed on a sponsored program account for reasons of convenience or funding availability. costs cannot be transferred to a sponsored program account solely to relieve an over expenditure or non-compliance situation on another sponsored program account.

The biggest change for the Emory community with the issuance of this policy is the timing of cost transfer.s The previous policy specified 90 days as the cutoff to transfer a cost. The new policy allows for 3 calendar months from the end of the month in which the original charge occurred to make necessary cost transfers.

Please note that as defined by the new policy, transfers between associate and cost sharing accounts of a sponsored program and transfers between years on a sponsored program are NOT considered cost transfers as these are within the same project. Retroactive Salary Transfers (RST’s) are considered cost transfers. Any cost transfer related to a final financial report should be processed at least thirty days prior to the reporting date.

Also, it is important to be clear that this policy, though University wide, does not preclude School policy. For example, if a School has a cost transfer threshold, that threshold, in addition to the policy, must be followed. Additionally, any transfer exceeding the three month period must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Research Administration or designee, and will be approved only under exceptional circumstances. Absence of staff is not considered to be an exceptional circumstance.

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