Reading and Understanding the eNOA

The eNOA (Electronic Notice of Award) has changed a bit with the conversion to PeopleSoft. The following will provide some guidance for reading and understanding the changes, to make administering the award a bit simpler.

  1. If the award is based upon converted data, all of the projects (previously known as account number and associates) will be listed for the entire award period.
  2. All Key personnel will be listed for the entire award period
  3. The Award Date is equal to the former Project Start Date and covers the entire award period
  4. Proposal Type should be accurate for converted data; however, proposal entered manually on or after 9/1, will only show either a New or Renewal type.
  5. Total Award Amount is the cumulative award total
  6. All projects listed within the Collaborative Projects box show Direct and Indirect amounts per project.
  7. Once you are in receipt of the eNOA the account is active. If there are subawards on the award, the next step requires that the necessary information be completed in the Sub Request System found on OSP’s website. this provides the necessary information for OSP to request the issuance of the purchase order. completing the request in the Sub Request System is an extremely important step, and integral to the subaward process.
  8. The 5-digit number on top of the bar code is the Instance number, It can be used to find your NOA in the eNOA system.

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