Cayuse Tips

Granting Permissions to View Proposals

Each proposal has its own permission list.  The person who creates the proposal must grant permissions for anyone who needs to view the proposal in Cayuse unless they are in OSP.  Use the following steps to grant permissions:

  • Access your proposal in Cayuse
  • Click on the permissions link at the bottom of the screen under the Proposal Management heading. This will take you to the permissions page.
  • Click on “add user”
  • Add Security using the following steps:
    • Enter person’s name to whom you would like to give permissions in the search field and click search
    • Click the user id associated with the person’s name
    • Click in the appropriate boxes associated with the access that the person needs

Denying a Proposal to Correct Workflow

If your workflow is incorrect then, you will need to deny the proposal and start again if it is/you have chosen…

  • Passed Certification Stage: Contact one of current approvers to deny the proposal.

  • At Certification Stage: Contact or one of the investigators to deny it.
  • The Wrong PI:  A new proposal has to be created from scratch.  Contact  The PI field cannot be copied or corrected once saved.
  • The Wrong Investigator Was Chosen: Deny the proposal to place give the proposal a status of “Ref”.   Make the needed changes, preview the workflow to verify that everyone is listed that needs to certify, and save and route again.


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