New Tool Available for Monitoring Allowability of Charges on Sponsored Programs

These queries provide a tool similar to that provided by the “Scrub Report” that was available preCompass.

A couple of new CAS queries are available in Compass:

    • By Fiscal Year, Period Range, Dept Range
      • By Fiscal Year, OU, Dept, Period Range

These queries were designed to assist you in identifying charges that have been charged to a grant project that may not be allowable.  The queries look at account codes that are frequently not allowable on sponsored programs. This does not mean that all transactions listed on this report are unallowable. Rather, it means that any charges showing up should be reviewed for appropriateness of charging on that particular award.

The queries show both federal and non-federal charges.  Some charges may not be allowable on a federal grant while being acceptable on a non-federal.  It will be up to individual grants administrators to review them in further detail and determine allowability.

For further information on the allowability of charges on sponsored programs, please visit the Sponsored Program Handbook at

Additionally, the online module related to A21 available at will provide additional guidance on this topic.

Below are screen shots of these new queries and their filters.  Any questions regarding this query should be forwarded to James Goff at or 727-3419.

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