FY14 Proposals Submitted and Awards Received

The Office of Research Administration would like to announce the total awards received by Emory University during fiscal year 14.  During FY14 Emory received $521,827,189, which is a 3% increase from the level of awards received last year.  Proposals that were submitted by Emory University in FY14 totaled $879,338,715 (almost the same as last year).   At a time where funding is more competitive than ever, this is very impressive, these numbers reflect the hard work and effort put forward by both Emory’s researchers and administrators.

Please note that variances between years do occur and can be impact many variables which change the fiscal year’s total. Therefore, this number is subject to change.  For further details or information, please see the ORA Reports available at: https://www.or.emory.edu/shared_web/web_apps/.

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