Two New Sponsored Research Reports Available In EBI

Two reports have been added to the Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) tool for sponsored research administrators.  These reports will give users additional data to help successfully manage sponsored projects.

Sponsored Projects Financial Trend

This report is useful for viewing project expenses across years or months, giving users the ability to project expenses out across time. There are three views to choose from.

  • Project LTD By Calendar Year
    • This view shows trends across years
    • If a project has multiple years you will see one column for each year
  • Project Year View
    • This view shows trends across months
    • One year is shown depending on the project year chosen in the report prompts
  • Project LTD View
    • This view shows trends across months
    • All years and all months are shown continuing out for the length of the project

All of these views will show you expenses broken out by account code and give an available balance. If the user has labor access for the project the salary account lines will also show individual names and job codes.

Sponsored Research Financial Summary

This report shows available balances as well as certain balance sheet account values such as unbilled accounts receivable or research participant payment funds. This report is useful for determining budget deficits or cash deficits at a department level because it contains both the cash balance and the budget available.  If run for a department the user can then right-click on the cash balance or budget balance column and sort ascending to bring all the questionable awards to the top of the list.  This report summarizes at the award level; however, the user can then drill-down on the award number to view project details.  There are two pages (tabs) available for this report: Comprehensive and Filtered.

  • The Comprehensive view shows any award where at least one project falls within the prompt values.  For example, if you run the report for your department, this would show any award where at least one project falls in your department.  The values will then consist of the total of all projects under that award.
  • The Filtered view will only show you the portion of each award that falls within the prompt values. In this case, if you run the report by filtered view for your department, you will also see any awards where you have a project but you will only see your portion of those awards and not the award totals.

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