The Office of Research Compliance: Collaborations for Global Research

stock-photo-research-education-science-a-658551Academic research at universities across the country has become increasingly globalized with each year, fostering valuable international collaborations and opportunities for researchers here and around the world.  One unfortunate drawback however of this trend toward international research is the increased relevance of complex federal regulations that govern our transactions and activities abroad.  Notably, regulations regarding export controls, international economic sanctions and embargoes, which can often conflict with proposed research activities, have increasingly made their way to the forefront of university research compliance concerns.

To meet the challenges of research administration on the international front, the Emory University Office of Research Compliance has been working with a variety of departments, including the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives, to assist in answering questions and providing guidance to investigators that wish to establish international collaborations, engage in exports, and conduct research abroad.  Currently, the Office of Research Compliance is in the process of finalizing an export control and international research activity questionnaire, which will use branching logic questions to efficiently collect information about international research from investigators with as minimal disruption as possible, while still providing enough information to administrators to ensure that export controls and other applicable regulations are appropriately considered when reviewing international transactions and activities.

To learn more about export controls research compliance, please visit, or contact  To learn more about the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives, please visit


David Giannantonio, J.D., M.S., 

Manager, Regulatory Compliance

Office of Research Compliance

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