Negotiated Rate Agreement FY16 through FY19

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS who is Emory’s cognizant agency) has just approved a four-year extension of current F&A rates for Emory University and Yerkes National Primate Center. The current rates will remain in effect through August 31st, 2019.

The rates are a result of a detailed analysis of sponsored project costs and space usage. F&A costs, also known as indirect costs, are the mechanism the federal government allows for the University to recover costs that cannot be easily assigned to specific projects.  Since the charges are not specifically assigned to a project, they are charged on an average basis to all projects using this rate

F&A costs consist of building costs, utility costs, equipment costs, operating and maintenance costs, and administrative costs incurred by the University. It is important to note that the final approved rates are less than the University’s actual costs calculated.  This is due to a regulatory cap on administrative expenses and negotiations between the University and the Federal negotiators regarding facility costs.

Our recent agreement for a four year extension is dated April 8th, 2015 and has resulted in the following rates:






• Rates are valid from 9/1/2015 – 8/31/2019 [or  FY16, FY17, FY18, and FY19]
• Off-Adjacent locations are within 50 miles commuting distance of the University
• Off-Campus rates are beyond 50 miles commuting distance of the University

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Cost Allocation will notify appropriate Federal, fiscal and administrative offices of the new rates. Off-campus or off-adjacent rates apply when more than 50% of the project is performed off campus and in a facility not owned by the University.

For questions, please contact James Goff at

James Goff, Interim Director
Cost Studies

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