Research Administrator Automatic Training Registration Implemented May 2015

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Office of Grant & Contract Accounting are excited to announce a new on-boarding initiative for research administrators. The goal of this initiative is to identify all new hires with research administrator related responsibilities and to register them for the appropriate training for their job classification as soon as possible.  Our goal is to ensure that those new to research administration at Emory are automatically made aware of the training required for their position.   

Effective May 1, 2015, employees hired into a research administration position (determined by job codes and department codes) will have an auto-generated learning plan in Emory’s Learning Management System (ELMS).  The auto-generated learning plan is a list of classes that will load to the employees All Learning page in ELMS. Because ELMS is accessed using the Emory Employee Id and password, new employees can start their online training as early as their first day of employment at Emory!

In addition to the generation of the training listing on the All Learning page, an email notification of the enrollment will go to both the newly hired employee and the newly hired employee’s manager.  Employees and managers can then begin to monitor and ensure that all required coursework is completed.    Additional instructions on the use of ELMS will be provided in future communications.

Please contact Demetrice Bryant at with questions.

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