Exchange Rates on Awards from Foreign Entities

All sponsored awards contain terms and conditions that researchers must follow; it is extremely important that everyone engaged in the administration of an award read all of the terms and conditions associated with its administration.  For awards received from foreign entities, it is critical that administrators review the exchange rate requirements associated with preparing invoices and financial reports.  The terms of the awards received from foreign entities should dictate whether the exchange rates to be reported are based on rates at the end of the budget period, as of the reporting date, or as of another specific date. In reviewing your terms and conditions on these awards, you must note the appropriate exchange rates for reporting. Errors in reporting exchange rates may lead to rejected invoices and reports, as well as potential delays in receiving funding.

The Office of Grants & Contracts Accounting and your Research Administration Services representatives are committed to ensuring the proper financial management of awards received by Emory’s Researchers.  If you have any questions, please contact your appropriate RAS contact or OGCA representative.

Josh Rosenberg, Interim Director
Office of Grants & Contracts Accounting

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