BioRAFT Update

EHSO continues with the rollout of the electronic platform for submission of biosafety protocols. Here is a collection of the most FAQs when completing the registration:

  1. What do I do if I have a new protocol or a 3-yr renewal?
    • For new protocols: Send email to Your registration will need to be initiated by EHSO.
    • For 3-yr renewals: If you only have one protocol, contact to set up the registration. If you have more than one biosafety approval, you will need to log in, Add a Project and complete any additional surveys, pathogen forms, and/or viral vector forms as required for the new submission.
  2. What do I do if I need to renew my biosafety protocol (annual renewal only)?
    • Check the expiration date of protocol(s).
    • Go to and log in using your Emory ID and password.
    • Complete the Lab Set Up wizard
    • Start the Biological wizard; there you should be able to see the information related to your biosafety protocol.
    • Submit and certify. Only after this step is completed EHSO will initiate the review of your registration.

  3. What if I have an amendment to make to my protocol?
    • For addition of personnel, please add to Members tab AND check off their names in each Project form to which the individual needs to be added in the approval letter. Send email to so we can check on training and issue the amended approval letter.
    • For addition of agents or animals:
      • If you are adding a pathogen Risk Group 2 and above, you need to complete the Pathogen Form.
      • If you are adding a viral vector, you need to complete the Viral Vector Form.
      • If you are adding human, non-human primate, or animal source materials, toxins, plants, arthropods, and/or recombinant DNA (including transgenic animals), you need to check the item off in the Biological summary and then complete the corresponding Survey.
  4. How to upload documents (CAPs, SOPS, Investigational Brochures, etc.)
    • Select “View Lab Profile” on left-hand panel
    • Click “view” tab
    • Click “Documents” tab
    • Select “ Attach a New Document”
    • Change “File Type”
    • Choose File and attach document. Provide a name for the file upload, i.e. CAP 2016 and Submit

We continue to provide one on one assistance upon request by sending an email to Also, we provide a monthly demo of the BioRAFT platform, the next webinar is scheduled for July 8th, 11 am.


EHSO will continue to send reminders for protocols due in June through December.

  • Principal Investigators with biosafety approvals due for 3-yr review will upload the information for their project(s)
  • Annual updates will require the PI to log in, review, and certify to initiate the EHSO review.

The Chemical Safety Module is under development. Please email us at if you would like to be an early adopter.

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